Mintegral launches playable ad creative platform Playturbo

Mintegral and its in-house creative studio Mindworks have launched the playable ad platform Playturbo to make it easier to attract players to discover mobile apps and games.

Beijing-based Mintegral is a mobile interactive advertising platform, and it is adding a new playable ad creative platform that allows advertisers to customize their playable ads with significant flexibility. The main benefit of the platform is that it allows companies to test new kinds of ads quickly and create new versions of ads in seconds.

A playable ad is essentially a mini-game where users get to experience the gameplay and core features of the source game, in an ad experience that can range from 10 seconds to 30 seconds before being given the option to download the full game.

Playable ads are accessible and easy to engage, so they offer a good way to show off a game when a user doesn’t have a lot of time. These ads produce increased engagement rates, driving higher customer retention, conversion, and lifetime value than other ad formats.

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In an email to GamesBeat, Stella Zhu, the head of Mindworks Creative Studio, said the company’s platform is mainly used for version iteration for playable ads and there is basically no learning curve. Playturbo is a self-service playable ad platform that allows advertisers to do ad revisions and iterations in seconds, she said. Rivals include companies such as AppOnBoard.

On the Mintegral platform, 82% of campaigns have interactive ads and playable ads are responsible for 70% of all app installs. Compared to standard video ads, playable ads can generate 300% higher IVR on average, which can be increased ten times in some successful cases. Also, the retention rate of playable ads is more than 10% higher across the entire promotional cycle.

Above: Mintegral’s Playturbo can be used to make playable ads.

Image Credit: Mintegral

At the same time, due to their in-ad behavior tracking functionality, playable ads allow advertisers to get a better understanding of their users and further optimize their ad creatives as a result.

While playable ads can deliver demonstrably better results and give advertisers a valuable edge, producing them is rather challenging. The process of creating a playable ad is quite substantial. In addition to this storyboarding, UI designing, coding, developing, testing, and iterating all lead to relatively high technical barriers.

As demand for playable ads increases, so too does the need for continuous optimization. Advertisers need to find a way to increase their efficiency while keeping their budgets under control, and this is where Playturbo comes in.

Developed by Mintegral’s creative studio Mindworks, Playturbo is a self-service playable ad platform that allows advertisers to do ad reskins and iterations in seconds, as well as create multiple variations of playable ads without the need for any coding skills. Advertisers can easily edit elements like background image, call to action button, skin, music/sounds, and difficulty level – Playturbo will then generate the new playable ad versions virtually instantly.

The Playturbo platform also supports multi-language configurations, enabling advertisers to create cross-regional playable ads. Additionally, with Playturbo, advertisers can export or download different versions of their playable ads so that they are compatible with major ad  networks, including Mintegral, Facebook, Google, Unity, AppLovin, IronSource, Vungle, and more.

Playturbo allows advertisers to optimize their playable ads with flexibility. At the same time, advertisers can make full use of a single playable ad through multiple iteration cycles, saving on the high costs of creating brand new playable ads, the company said.

Additionally, by working with clients with all kinds of campaigns across the world, the Mindworks team has built an assets library containing many different essential elements such as fingers, call to action buttons, and more.

The Mindworks creative studio has worked with hundreds of advertisers worldwide, including Voodoo, Good Job Games, Lion Studios, MarkApp, Madbox, Kayak, Crazy Labs, Outfit7, Dual Cat, Lilith, Sony Pictures, and more. Mindworks aims to develop custom interactive creatives to help them reach their target audiences and improve their brand awareness.

The launch of Playturbo is an extension of the Mindworks playable ad production experience, which will enable advertisers to customize their playable ads to match their requirements quickly and affordably.

As ad creatives have become a key element of successful mobile marketing campaigns, Mintegral and its creative studio Mindworks will continue to optimize their ad creative products. Playturbo is a significant step in that direction, intending to provide advertisers with the tools to create and optimize their playable ads, which will ultimately result in better campaign return-on-investment, the company said.

Mintegral has 200 employees and Mindworks has 50 employees.