Lora DiCarlo aims to enhance orgasms with Baci microrobotic pleasure device

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Lora DiCarlo, the sex toy startup at the center of a trade show dustup in 2019, has shipped its latest microrobotic pleasure device. With self-care and wellness on everyone’s mind, Lora DiCarlo said the device, called Baci, and a new training program dubbed WellSx, will teach consumers how to maximize pleasure in uncertain times.

Lora DiCarlo gained attention at CES 2019 after the Consumer Technology Association banned the company’s first female-oriented sex toy, Osé, from the show. In May 2019, the CTA updated its policy to make CES more “welcoming and inclusive.” The sex toy ended up kicking off a positive conversation about female empowerment and female-run startups.

As a result, sex toy makers such as Lora DiCarlo, OhMiBod, and Lioness were able to exhibit at CES 2020 in January. The show has continued to deny entrance to porn companies after those groups split off and formed their own show years ago.

Lora DiCarlo’s team, primarily staffed with female engineers, has been busy. It launched the $290 Osé in January and has already sold more than 17,000 units. The Onda — a microrobotic pleasure device designed to replicate the natural “come hither” motion of human fingers to deliver an elusive G-spot orgasm — shipped in April. Now the company is preparing the launch of its second and third “bio-mimetic pleasure devices.”

Company CEO and founder Lora Haddock has said in past interviews that people are recognizing the importance of sexual wellness and that tech-enhanced sex toys can lead to a greater sense of wellness, including improved sleep, reduced stress, and better mood.


Above: The Osé Baci sex toy delivers the sensation of a human tongue.

Image Credit: Lora DiCarlo

Baci, which won a CES award for robotics, is an intuitive microrobotic pleasure device that simulates the feel and motion of a person’s lips and tongue, creating gradual clitoral pleasure that helps induce an orgasm. The company said Baci, which translates to “kiss” in Italian, uses lifelike sensations to meet a diverse range of clitoral stimulation preferences.

The device uses airflow technology, which creates two unique sensations of light suction and rhythmic thrumming, and its palm-shaped body fits in the user’s hand.

Powered by tech

Above: Lora Haddock is founder and CEO of Lora DiCarlo.

Image Credit: Lora DiCarlo

Bend, Oregon-based Lora DiCarlo has created high-tech sex toys in partnership with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering. Osé has approximately 250 parts, more than the number of bones in the adult human skeleton. Its flexible body and custom controls allow people, either alone or with a partner, to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris to create a blended orgasm.

Baci represents four years of physiological research and is subject to five patents, all aimed at addressing difficulties reaching orgasm — something that affects a third of women at some point in their lifetime, the company said.

Product sales have shown non-gendered and female-identified people account for approximately 46% of customers, while male-identified people have accounted for approximately 54% of the overall presales. While its focus is primarily on female and LGBTQ+ consumers, Osé appeals to people of all genders, including male-identified customers looking to experience the benefits of partner exploration, the company said.

WellSx program

Lora DiCarlo has also launched a sexual wellness coaching program (WellSx) and an approach to self-care that complements the Osé family of devices.

Each 50-minute, personalized session is confidential and tailored to consumer’s specific needs. Sessions are valued at $120 and can also be purchased in a four-pack for $432.

The virtual WellSx coaching sessions, where customers receive one-on-one guidance on how to prioritize and maximize pleasure, became a top priority for Lora DiCarlo after consumer survey results showed that a sex coach is the top tool customers say would help them try new sexual fantasies.

The program’s certified sexual wellness coaches encourage users to explore the sex life they’ve always wanted, with personalized advice on how to introduce more sensation, connection, and adventure. Coaches also address common concerns like shame, guilt, and low libido and offer confidence-building tools, the company said.

Baci is now available for purchase at LoraDiCarlo.com, retailing for $160. The other members of the Osé family of products, Osé and Onda, are available for $290 and $180, respectively.

Founded in 2017, Lora DiCarlo has 24 employees and has raised $6 million.