GameRefinery/Facebook: Here’s why gamers will pick up a new game

A lot of factors influence why mobile game players pick up new games. The top reason is that they want to play a game in particular genre, according to a new report by Facebook and GameRefinery.

The researchers — including Facebook Gaming and Facebook IQ — found in a survey of 13,000 players around the world that 49% chose a new game based on the genre, like whether it’s a strategy game or a shooter. Forty percent chose a game based on recommendations from family or friends. Thirty-five percent chose based on app store reviews. Thirty-four percent chose based on sequel familiarity, and 33% chose based on device or data requirements.

The report has insight for mobile games across four major markets focusing on genre fulfilment, community, monetization and ad preferences. The researchers looked at four mobile game genres: strategy, role-playing games (RPGs), puzzle, and hypercasual (games you can play in a minute or less). They focused on the U.S., United Kingdom, South Korea, and Japan.

They looked at why people play, why they stray from a game, game features players value the most, types of community events and monetization and advertising preferences.

Above: The top game genres by market in mobile games.

Image Credit: GameRefinery/Facebook

They found that puzzle players are more likely to be female, who account for 75% of match-3 puzzle fans in the U.S. and U.K. They are likely over the age of 35, and they typically enjoy mobile games in between doing other tasks. They prefer games that can be played in short increments rather than in longer, more involved sessions.

The report also found an appetite for more social activity within hypercasual games with 67% of players in the U.K. and 74% of players in the U.S. expressing interest in activities such as communicating with gaming companies and other players online or checking out other players’ high scores on a leaderboard.

Above: GameRefinery/Facebook found why RPG players return to games.

Image Credit: GameRefinery/Facebook

In Japan and South Korea, RPGs are the top genre in which players make in-app purchases. Compared to other markets, players in these countries are also more likely to make a monthly purchase with 10.9% in South Korea and 9.3% in Japan having done so (compared to 5.4% of RPG players in the UK).

And from an ad preferences’ perspective, over 60% of strategy players across the U.S., U.K., South Korea, and Japan are willing to take the time to learn how to play a new game if an advertisement showcases the main gameplay and the characters/storyline.